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Marmara İş Merkezi 3. Kat. No:6/B Küçükçekmece
Steel Kalıp / Belt Welding Machine Medium

Belt Welding Machine Medium




Technical Specifications Medium Size
Width, Size, Height *115 *425 *150 cm
Net Weight 650 KG
Electric Used  380 Volt 50 Hz
Engine Power 11 Kw
Oven Power 7.5 KW
Oven Volume Hell 60/110/1250mm
Band Width 90 mm
Ammonia Parser 3.2 Kw
Oven Temperature 950 Degree
Ammonia Temperature 850Degree

General Description

  • Ideal for large sized factories.
  • Opportunity to source high quality and very fast.
  • Ammonia used in the primer annealing and chain confinement property.



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